Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Story of the Story Book

This project all started because I decided to actually sort through junk that has been accumlating in my house.  As I'm trying to throw away all my outdated magazines,  my son started flipping out.  He wanted to know why was getting rid of such cool pictures.  He had a good point.  So, to keep him from melting down we decided to do a fun little project.  He and I created a book from all his favorite magazine pictures, and he narrated the pages for me.  It turned out to be such a great experience for both of us!  Here is what we did:

We grabbed the scissors and started cutting out all the pictures he liked (good thing we bought new safety scissors this week).  We took the pictures, arranged them on the table, grabbed a glue stick, and he went to work sticking them to blank paper.  Then came my favorite part!  One-by-one we went through the pages and Russ told me what was going on each page while I wrote it down.  He created some cute little stories.

Then we decided to professionally bind the book.....  Ok, not really.  Instead, to make the front and back cover, I took two pieces of cardboard, covered them with white paper, and duct taped around the sides (yes I know, there I go with the duct tape again).  I put the pages we created into the covered cardboard, punched holes, and tied it together with ribbon.  He named the book, I wrote it on the cover, he did some final artwork, and we were finished. 

I can't tell you how excited my little one was when we got in bed last night, and he was able to read his own little book.  This is definately a project I recommend everyone try.  It is sooo good for the imagination!