Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hotglue Snowmen

These little boogers are so cute, but definately not a project for the little kids (gets a little hot).

Take your hot glue gun and on wax paper, glue out the shape of a head.  Put a piece of yarn on top (to hang the ornament from later).  To make the face, add beads and a piece of orange pipe cleaner while the glue is still hot.  Once you finish the face, glue out the body.  I added a pipe cleaner for a scarf and some beads for buttons.
HINT:  I learned it works better if you glue back and forth instead of in a circle.  There seems to be less holes this way...  I also learned that your hand starts to cramp after the forth or fifth glue stick.

Once dry, cut the wax paper around the snowman.  Once they are completely dry they are freakin adorable!  The glue drys to look like ice!