Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things that make you say Ewwww

Top 10 Reasons I Really Needed My Shower Tonight

10.  The baby spit-up on me

9.  Realized the dutch oven on the stove was actually dirty from dinner 2 nights ago.  Filled it with water to wash it, and because its so darn heavy, dumped the dirty water all over myself.

8.  Because its too cold to bathe in the creek. 

7.  An entire cup of red soda was knocked over on me & the floor by my child.

6.  Baby spit-up on me again.

5.  On my way to let the chickens out this morning (barefoot as usual), walked in some nice steaming fresh dog poop.  Probably walked in some chicken poop while at the coop as well.

4.  Two year old believes that if his nose is running, my hand &/or arm is a good place to wipe it.

3.  The baby spit-up on me again.

2.  My 2 year old had a coughing fit in the truck & threw up on himself & me while in the truck & while I was getting him out of the truck.

And #1:  My much deserved & only alone time of the day!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CSI: Mommy Edition

The crime scene:
    Three cupcakes hiding in the microwave, black icing missing

The clues:
    1.  The stool was pulled up to the counter.
    2.  The counter, the microwave, and the stool were covered in tiny black handprints.  Main suspect was questioned and told us that they were daddy's handprints.
    3.  The main suspect has a mysterious black substance all over his face. 
    4.  On day 2 of the investigation, the suspect filled his diaper with poop that was a lovely shade of tealish blue.  It looked like playdough.

Russ was booked and charged. 

Case closed.

Anyone wanna be friends with a mommy of a 2 year old??

My two little lovely children and I took a trip today with a friend of ours and her baby.  We rode with them to the ribbon outlet in Hagerstown; its about an hour trip each way.  Well, her child was not feeling well and was trying to sleep on the way home.  Russ decided that she didn't need a nap and decided to keep her awake.  Every time she fell asleep he would yell at her or grab her hand or sing as loud as possible.  He worked very hard to keep her awake the ENTIRE way home.  The poor girl cried almost the whole way home and Russ was so proud of himself for this.

I felt so bad for the little girl!  I felt so embarassed for me.  I tried telling him to stop, I bribed him, I threatened him.  Two year old are very strong willed.  Or maybe they are just hard-headed.  If there is a way to control a two year old in the car, I haven't figured it out yet.  Maybe I'll just need to only be friends with other people with two year olds so they understand that the two year old is really the boss!!

I have a feeling that I won't be invited on too many more trips with them.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tutu Time

I have been seeing all these cute little tutu's everywhere I look and thought Lexi would look soo adorable in one.  So, I decided to try my hand at making one.  They are the easiest thing I've ever made; I didn't sew a single stitch!

Tulle comes in rolls that are the perfect width for a tutu (you can buy it on the bolt, but if you do that, you will have to cut the strips long ways and wide and that just sucks).  If you are going to a fabric store, you will usually find these in the wedding aisle.  So, you need to first pick out your colors.  I found that two main colors and one color thrown in here and there works well.  Of coarse, you can do any combination you like.  For this newborn tutu, I chose a pretty pink and threw in some lighter pink

Figure out how long you want the tutu to be.  The tulle needs to be cut into strips a little more than double that length.  For this newborn tutu, my pieces were 11 inches long.

Take the strips and tie them in slip knots around a piece of elastic.  Your elastic should be about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch wide.  Continue adding the strips in slip knots until you reach the desired waist size.

Tie the elastic in a knot or sew it shut, and you have a skirt. 

To give it a more finished look, I took a piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the waist of the skirt, weaving it in and out of the tulle.

My little angels, I mean cowboy & indian!

So, I decided awhile back that Russ and Lexi would be a cowboy and indian for Halloween this year.  I had a picture in my head of what I wanted them to look like.  The costumes were totally "make-able" but finding the material would be a little difficult.  I decided I wanted to use real suede, and once I get my mind on something there is no changing it.  Suede is a little pricey, so I searched thrift stores, and second-hand stores, and family members closets and finally found an old men's coat at Good Will that was the perfect color.  I was able to use the coat for both Russ & Lexi's costumes.  I did some creative cutting, lacing, and riveting, and their costumes came out great!!

The vest is made of the front sides of the jacket.  The chaps are made of the back of the jacket.  I took one whole sleeve and turned it into the indian costume.  Finally, I added rivets, hooks, beads, and accessories to finish off the costumes.  I'm very pleased with the end result.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm here!

I started this blog awhile ago and I'm finally ready to start using it!!

Since there are so many things that happen during the day that I want share, I decided to start this blog.  I want to be able to write about things that happen, what my children are up to, what we've done together, what projects I'm up to, and everything else in my life, big and small.  I'm sure most of my posts are going to be rather boring to some, but they will all be special to me

Added bonus:  When I have no one to talk to during the day, I can type and talk to myself!!

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it!!