Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things that make you say Ewwww

Top 10 Reasons I Really Needed My Shower Tonight

10.  The baby spit-up on me

9.  Realized the dutch oven on the stove was actually dirty from dinner 2 nights ago.  Filled it with water to wash it, and because its so darn heavy, dumped the dirty water all over myself.

8.  Because its too cold to bathe in the creek. 

7.  An entire cup of red soda was knocked over on me & the floor by my child.

6.  Baby spit-up on me again.

5.  On my way to let the chickens out this morning (barefoot as usual), walked in some nice steaming fresh dog poop.  Probably walked in some chicken poop while at the coop as well.

4.  Two year old believes that if his nose is running, my hand &/or arm is a good place to wipe it.

3.  The baby spit-up on me again.

2.  My 2 year old had a coughing fit in the truck & threw up on himself & me while in the truck & while I was getting him out of the truck.

And #1:  My much deserved & only alone time of the day!!


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