Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crayon Iron-Ons

I know, I've already done crayons (probably will do them again).  But, they have soo many fun uses that I can't get enough.  This time we used our crayons and some sandpaper to make iron-ons.  The little ones (and big ones) will love creating their own clothing or accessory designs!  Its such a fun project for kids of all ages.

Take a piece of coarse sandpaper and color your design on the rough side.  I free-handed some hearts and flowers.  Since my son isn't old enough to really draw designs yet, I cut out some shapes and letters for him to color.  Remember:  When cutting out letters or when coloring words, you must make them backwards so when they are transfered, they face the right way.

Now for the adult portion!  Take your material (shirt, bag, whatever) and put it on your ironing board.  Be sure to put a piece of white paper or aluminum foil under the layer of fabric you are putting your iron-on on.  If you don't, the crayon will bleed through.  Place your picture on the fabric, crayon side down.  Now iron it on.  Be sure to move the iron very slowly and iron for 10-20 seconds (don't burn your shirt though). 

Now, carefully peel off the sandpaper while its still hot and ALL done!!

Wait until your child sees their masterpiece on a piece of clothing.  They'll love it!

BE SURE TO READ THIS:  While handwashing is best, you can wash your project in the machine on cold.  DO NOT DRY YOUR PROJECT IN THE DRYER!  Not only will the crayon melt all over your project, it will probably ruin all the clothes in the dryer.  I know this from experiences with crayons left in pockets.


victats@gmail.com said...

This is a great idea! Going to use it with my sparks (girl guides) for mother's day.

thebmorekid said...

Very cool. I'm familiar with ironing on letters and decals, but never realized that you could use sandpaper to create the design on. And good note about the dryer! I would have easily tossed it in there and lost my design, and my load!

luluvillage said...

Sandpaper- wow, that totally makes sense now, thank you!

Amy said...

SO cute! I remember seeing this a LONG time ago, but have forgotten...thanks!

Mingo said...

how cool

Shippymolkfred said...

What a great idea. I have to test this as well.
Greetings from Scotland.

iram said...

wow what a great idea i have a question can we use normal paper too instead of sand paper?
by the way i am hosting a little give away of woven bead bracelet all hand made and in spring theme i would very much want you to join in :) and best of luck


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