Monday, May 3, 2010

The Cozy Cone

My son is soooo into the Disney Cars movie;  I think we watch it at least 4 times every week.  Whenever we go out, we keep our eyes out for anything from the movie that he doesn't have yet.  So, today I was at Target looking through the dollar section, and I got excited when I saw a 6 pack of orange cones.  I immediately thought COZY CONE MOTEL. 
I bought the 6 pack of cones and went home and got to work.  Ok, I didn't do too much work, it was pretty simple.  But when Russ woke up and saw what I did, he was literally screaming with excitement!

I took the cones and cut an opening in the front measuring approximately an inch and half by an inch and half.  On some of them, I cut across the top of the opening so that there was a square door hole.  On others, I just cut up the two sides and then folded the flap up to form a porch.  Be sure to cut slowely and carefully or the plastic will crack (thats why there are 4 Cozy Cones instead of the 6 that came in the pack).

After that, I just took a permanent marker and drew on some room numbers and windows.

And there you have it, the COZY CONE MOTEL!!


Sarah said...

How cute! I will have to make a trip to Target here soon!!

Leslie said...

oh my i have to do this with austin. you know he loves Cars

thebmorekid said...

I love it! Nice and easy and I'm sure any car lover would get a kick out of it. Good one!

Anonymous said...

If you want to make it easier to cut the cones (or any hard plastic) without it cracking, let the plastic sit in extremely hot water for a couple of minutes. That will soften the plastic and make it easier to cut with less chance of the plastic cracking.

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