Friday, June 18, 2010

Alexa in Wonderland - Little Bit of Ranting

As some of you know, my 10 month old pulled an Alice and tried to take a trip to Wonderland yesterday.  We were hanging out in my yard, which is on a mountain in the woods, and she was just crawling around as always.  I was in the middle of the yard helping my son with something and in the 2 minutes I looked away, she made her way to the edge of the trees and had eaten a wild mushroom or two and was about to eat another.  So, I scooped her up, ran in and called poison control, and rushed her to the ER.  After 6  hours of observation, we were released to go home.  We got lucky, and she was perfectly fine.  Other than the thrill of trying to entertain a 10 month old in a small hospital bed for 6 hours, the the hospital stay was uneventful.

Now for the reason I feel I need to share this; I was treated by multiple people like I was a bad mom!!  Really, am I the first person who has turned their head and had their kid get into something they shouldn't have??  I mean, I could have her in the middle of an empty padded room and she would find a way to hurt herself.  If she was in a warehouse filled with cotton candy and chocolate chips, she would find an exposed piece of floor tile and eat it.  The doctor asked me what happened, so I said that I looked away and before I knew it she was across the yard eating something.  The doctor actually said to me, "So, where you hanging out talking to friends and just not paying attention?"  OH MY!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS!  Where the heck did that come from.  Then I was asked what time it happened and I told them 11:20.  Poison control basically called me a liar and rudely told the doctor there was no way it happened at 11:20 because I called them at 11:15.  So, I was 5 minutes off and that means I'm trying to hide something???  So, next time your child cuts a finger, don't pick them up and stop the bleeding.  Run in the house and document the event complete with the exact time while they bleed profusely, then go stop the bleeding (Ok, maybe I'm being dramatic there, but thats how they made me feel).  And on top of these people (not the word I was looking for, but it works), I had non-employees (and thats what I'll call them) tell me that I need to watch my children better.....  Shaking my head....

My children gnawl on bugs, dog food, paper, the furniture, my leg, and anything else they can get in their mouth.  So, all you super-moms out there who never take your eyes off your children and whose children have never gotten hurt or eaten something they shouldn't have, would you please give me lessons??  Ok, I'm over it now!! :)


Cook Clean Craft said...

Yep, calling poison control straight away and whisking your kid off to emergency makes you a bad Mom ;) I'm sure they all didn't think that - someone surely thought you were a melodramatic/over-reacting Mom!

~ Melissa ~ said...

No way, I actually had non-employee people tell me that I need to watch my children better!!

Erin said...

don't tell them I let my kids freerange as well... the other day Rus caught Roen with a mouthful of Chickie poo!!! Gross! Im kind of glad they got on you a little bit. Im sure they see it all in there and are sick of all the loser parents who really are dropping the ball. I still cannot believe they let me take 2 day old babies home from the hospital without so much as a certificate, license to birth, drug test, psychological exam or anything!!! hhahhahaha

Danae the Crafty Chick said...

Hello! I am reading your blog for the first time (over from Totally Tutorials)- and I love all of your great projects.... but THIS STORY TOTALLY FLOORED ME!!!

I have 2 children myself (now 11 and 7)- so we are long past the toddler stage- but I have had a ton of experience with this type of treatment from other folks when it comes to getting help of some kind for your children. I have also taken care of children for the past 20+ years... and have seen 'it all'.

Kids eat EVERYTHING!!! They are natural explorers & tasters & messmakers (which of course leads to accidents.

The sad thing is that folks & 'so called proffessionals' make it harder for parents to do their job when they treat us like this. The 'climate' that these people have created for childrearing & care is completely damaging to both kids & their parents.

They go between telling us to be completely permissive & non-confrontational with our children, lest we damage their self esteem- and then are baffled as to why our adolecents & young adults have no concept of boundaries, or self control.

They tell us to be constantly vigilant of our kids from birth- from everything from the way they sleep, what they eat, and what paint is used on what toys- to then at age 5 sending them off to overcrowded schools where their only sense of protection is the metal detector at the door - and the noonaide who won't protect them from bullies, drugs, sexual advances...and the like.

Then they go off to high school- and are surrounded by young pregnant girls, gang members & glue sniffing druggies- and then they blame it on the very parents whom they have made afraid to parent their kids properly- for fear that we might damage their sense of self.

I know I am sort of on a rant- but I come accross this OFTEN- and each time a little piece of the Mommyness in me wants to scream at the top of my lungs that "THESE PEOPLE HAVE NOT A CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT- nor do they have the 'manual' on how to raise kids into good, strong, healthy adults.

I am happy that your little one came out of this unscathed- and am so sorry for the crap you were made to take from the proffesionals.

Sad thing is- that those same people who overreacted to your situation- have undoubtledly made the opposite mistake of sending babies & children home with abusive & neglectful parents.

a very sad situation indeed....

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