Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Juicy Bird Feeder

With all the snow we've had lately, we've spent a lot of time staring out the living room window.  There have been soo many birds on our porch swing chains lately that my son decided we need to make a bird feeder.   After being snowed in for days on end, the craft supplies started running low (which is good because now I get to restock), so we hit up the recycling bin.... again.  We found an orange juice carton that was just perfect for our project. 

So, I started by drawing a square on each side of the carton where we would cut the holes for the birds to eat out of.  I started the hole, then gave my son the safety scissors and let him cut them open. 

Next, let your kid go paint crazy :)  Just a hint, paint the carton with a coat of white or other solid color and wait for it to dry before doing the other colors.  The words on the carton are hard to cover, especially if you let your little one use washable paint.

Once its dry, find a nice stick to use for a perch.  To attach it, put a hole just under the window on each side, and stick the stick straight thru.  Now, put two small holes in the top so you can run a string thru for hanging.

And now hang your bird feeder, and wait for the birds to come!  I really wanted to wait for a bird to land on it for the final picture, but I'm impatient; I'll just add that picture later :)


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