Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween Worthy Lunch - Hot Dog Spiders

I am really excited that Halloween season is finally upon us.  To kick-off my favorite time of year, we had super spooky (ok, not really) hotdog spiders for lunch.  Umm, can you say, "Cool"??

Cut up some hotdogs, stick some spaghetti noodles thru, boil in a super-big pot for 10 minutes, lunch is served!!  (Thank you whoever originally pinned this.  Ive seen it a few places and always think its soo darn cute.)

I feel I should add:  yes, our hotdogs ARE pink.  They are Valley Dale... mmmmm  the best. 

My picky eaters loved it, although, one ate the noodles while the other ate the hotdogs.