Friday, September 30, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Cupcakes

Found this recipe on the side of a box of ice cream cones.  The more I read the side of food boxes, the more fun recipes I find! 

These yummy little things are actually cupcake filled ice cream cones with icing! 

* Mix up your favorite cake mix following the cake recipe. 
* Take your ice cream cones and wrap them in aluminum foil so that only the opening is exposed (this prevents the cone from burning just like when you bake a pie and cover the crust). 
* The recipe says to put your cones carefully in a cupcake pan, but I put my cones in a meatloaf pan (you can fit about 7 in each pan) so that they couldn't fall over. 
* Pour your cake mix in the cones.  I filled each cone to about 1 inch below the top.
* Bake at the temperature and time called for in your cake recipe.

If you fill 1 inch below the top of the cone, this is the size cupcake you end up with.

We decorated with icing and sprinkles, but I think it would look cute if you used whip cream from a can!  See the great help I had decorating.