Sunday, February 21, 2010

From the Mouth of Russ...

I just wanted to share a few Russ-isms.  He always keeps us laughing!!

Me:  "Don't put that up your nose?"  Russ:  "Ok, I'll put it up your nose".

Grandpa Jim:  "How are your chickens?"  Russ:  "Dead, they froze". (They didn't freeze, they were fine).

Me:  "What do you want for breakfast"?     Russ:  "Lobster and waffles".

Russ (from the bathroom):  "Hey momma, my poop really stinks".

Daddy:  "I drilled a tiny hole in the bottom of the angel so you can put it on top the tree".  Russ:  "Yea Mommy, its a heiny hole".

Russ (from the bathroom):  "Hey momma, my poop is blue and theres two of them".

Russ at 4:30am:  "I've never seen these cartoons before".  Me:  "Thats because you are never up this early". 
Russ: "Oh, well, I'm going to start getting up early so I can watch them".  Me:  "I don't hardly think soon".

After Russ ran and jumped head first over his Grandmother, landed on his head, and did a flip, I asked him:  "What was that"?  Russ replied, "Touchdown".

I dropped something and said, "Oh my".  Russ: "No Mommy, say D*mn it".

After throwing up, Russ wiped his mouth and said, "Tasty".


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