Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hairbows for my Hairless Child

 My friends and I visit a discount ribbon outlet occasionally, and because prices are soooo cheap, we buy far to much ribbon.  Since we've been stuck in the house for what seems like forever because of this blizzard, I pulled out my ribbon stash.  See, Russ likes to take my ribbon and toss it around and has it all tied up in a knotty mess.  So, my original goal was to sort it all out and roll it all so that its nice and pretty and organized, but that seemed a little boring.  So, instead I started making hair bows. 
I know this is a little early since my daughter is only 6 months old and doesn't really have hair yet, but I couldn't help myself.
And this is my favorite of them all.  When we finally get to take her to Disney World for her first time, she will be ready!!

I'm not posting instructions for these bows because I really don't feel like typing them all out (I know, I'm being lazy).  But, if you want to know how to make any of them, just leave me a comment and I will email you instructions!!


Sarah said...

Love the yellow and white one!

Abbie S-Dyer said...

those look great Mel!!

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